About Steve Woods

I am a British adventure and wildlife photographer, based in Vancouver, Canada. My aim is to photograph the natural world to show people how beautiful and awe inspiring it is. I also try to highlight the danger we are inflicting on the very ecosystems we revere so much, by photographing and documenting the issues at hand.

I do work commercially to sustain myself and to keep me doing what I love most which is photographing nature to bring these stories into people’s lives.

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I started out as a press and sports photographer working in the UK for local and then national newspapers where I was able to develop some great journalistic experience. I was also able to pick up a wealth of experience photographing high profile athletes and politicians. Whilst working for the press I studied for a Masters degree in photography at Leicester De Montfort University, allowing me to study the history of photography as well as the critical thinking that is needed to break down and understand any subject.

I had always been passionate about the natural environment and especially the underwater world, learning to SCUBA dive at a very young age. It was a natural progression for me to take my cameras underwater, merging the enthusiasm and the experience I had for the natural world and the world of photography. I lived in Indonesia for a number of years. I set up a shark foundation on the Gili Islands in Lombok with some friends to rescue, release and protect sharks in the area. I then moved to Raja Ampat, West Papua as the expedition leader and marketing director of Sea Sanctuaries Trust. I eventually found my way to Nusa Lembongan near Bali all the while using my photography to work on different conservation projects from various organisations.

In 2014, I moved to Norway and worked as a commercial photographer while contributing to marine conservation projects around the world. At this point, I started to teach underwater photography courses and lead photographic expeditions to various locations including South Africa, the South Pacific and the Norwegian Arctic.

I have recently moved to Vancouver, Canada where I am a commercial photographer for adventure / tour companies, leading wildlife photography trips on land and underwater, and working on advertising campaigns. I also work with various companies serving the outdoor market because of my experience in remote and challenging environments above and underwater.


Photography is an affliction and I enjoy working commercially photographing all manner of subjects, I am a passionate advocate of the oceans and the natural world and my goal is to promote sustainability through visual language.

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